Karrine Steffans & Yung Berg: Are They Really A Couple?

Former video vixen turner Karrine Steffans’ has been the buzz of gossip blogs and social media following images of her and rapper Yung Berg being posted on her Instagram page.

The New York Times best-selling author has been coy about whether she and the Chicago-bred rap star are dating until now.

AlwaysAList.com spoke to the 34-year-old sex kitten—who was once nicknamed “Superhead”—about Berg and whether there’s another tome on the way.

So what’s the deal with you and Yung Berg? Are you two officially an item or what?

Yung Berg & Karrine Steffans

“I’ve been married twice and my logic is, I don’t claim anyone who is not my husband! So, let’s just say Christian and I are friends.”

I love that you’re calling him by his government name! But you have been married twice. Would you say Yung Berg is husband material?

“Ha ha! I love Christian. We have such an awesome rapport, understanding, and camaraderie. I think he’s a good person and will make a fine husband for somebody, someday. Maybe!”

So you’re 34. He’s 27. That would make you officially a cougar.

“I think we both know I’ve been a cougar for about six years now! Ha ha! But, that’s another confession for another day. And I’m not dating Christian, remember?”

Yung Berg & Karrine lock hands with matching bracelets

Now you’re playing coy again! But if you are dating Berg, would that mean you and Lil’ Wayne are finished for good? You even wrote a book about Weezy?

“Wayne and I are just friends and we are never done, which anyone who read ‘How to Make Love to a Martian’ knows. We have a strong history and a long-lasting friendship that transcends our relationships. I’m always happy when he pops up engaged and I’m sure he’s just as delighted when I pop up married. I’m sure he’s super happy for me, right now.”

Right now? But you’re not dating Berg, remember? I’m moving on. Your Instagram photos and Twitter messages have been really racy lately. Is this all a set-up for a new book?

“In the coming week, I will unveil the title and promotional art of my very first graphic novel, especially for my ComicCon enthusiasts. Simultaneously, I am also working on ‘Confessions of a Video Vixen: Ten Years Later’ for a summer 2015 release. [pullquote_right]As a rule, everything I do is a set-up for a new book.[/pullquote_right]All this while publishing, editing, and co-writing books by some pretty extraordinary women and pulling together the television version of ‘Confessions.’ I’m super busy and very happy…as you can see.”[divider]

Karrine Steffans self photo

To keep up with Karrine Steffans on social media, follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @KarrineandCo and check out her video blogs on Karrine.com.

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  1. lilkunta 8 June, 2013 at 19:13 Reply

    is she really still touring off “COAVideo Vixen”? Really? She has a great agent.
    So what happened between her and her carribbean husband? And wasnt she pregnant?

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