Joe Torry: Selling Sex On “Zane’s The Jump Off”

Comedian Joe Torry is no stranger to acting. The St. Louis-bred funnyman has starred in films like “House Party 3,” “Poetic Justice,” “Hair Show,” and “Tales from the Hood;” as well as appearing on TV shows like “ER,” “Girlfriends,” “NCIS” and “NYPD Blue.”

Torry took on a role of a different nature this year, appearing on the Cinemax After Dark series, “Zane’s The Jump Off.” The show, written and produced by popular erotica author Zane, features simulated sex scenes and lots of nudity.

“When I got the audition, it came from [casting director] Twinkie Byrd. I love Twinkie; I mean she cast ‘Dreamgirls.’ The description said it had a ‘little nudity.’ I was like, ‘cool.’ I didn’t know it was all the way nudity. [Laughs] I didn’t know it was all the way Zane! Since it was coming on a little earlier, they said it was not as much nudity and more storyline. That was enough to intrigue me,” Torry told AlwaysAList.com.

Torry shared that when he realized that his character, Chandler Bishop would actually be fully nude and have two simulated sex scenes, he never flinched.

Joe Torry

“You know, I started out getting naked! ‘Poetic Justice’ I was naked. Got naked with Paula Jai Parker in ‘Sprung.’ In ‘Back in Business’ I was naked. But on this show, they show what they need to make it make sense as much as possible so that it’s not looking like a fake boyfriend and girlfriend. Its actual real stimulation is what they’re trying to give you. So of course, they’re going to show more sex than story,” he said.

While “Zane’s The Jump Off” is aimed to be sexually-enticing for Cinemax viewers, Torry said that there’s no actual arousal—at least not for him—while shooting the show.

“The camera is right there. The girl is right there. So you don’t get aroused or anything like that. It’s a closed set, so you’re only going to have like maybe five or six people checking on you—you know the makeup people come in and out. But after that, you’re standing around with your boxers on and she’s got her tape on—it used to be flesh-colored underwear, but now it’s just butt-naked we in there,” he laughed, before adding: “As an actor, that’s what you do. You get the job done!”

Scene from “Zane’s The Jump Off”

While some fans were surprised to see Torry nude and simulating sex on “Zane’s The Jump Off,” more shocking was his wife, Chrystal learned about his nude scenes when fellow comedienne and family friend, Kym Whitley showed her screen shots from the show in church!

“If you didn’t know I did this TV show, you would have thought those were some pictures somebody took to incriminate me. So she didn’t know they were from ‘Zane’s The Jump Off.’ I guess it just looked like I was busting some chick. Pretty ratchet! But she was like I didn’t tell her I was going to get that naked and that I was going to have any scenes like that. I told her, ‘I thought I told you I did. You don’t remember,'” laughed Torry.

Don’t be surprised if the full story about how his wife saw pictures from his Zane role at church ends up in his stand-up act.

Joe Torry

The 47-year-old actor knows most people his age wouldn’t be as eager to strip down for an acting role, but Torry said maintaining a physical regimen and eating healthy has helped him stay in tiptop shape.

“I just always stay in shape. I’m an ex-wannabe pro athlete. I stay on the road a lot doing comedy, so it’s healthier that way. I do different shows every week and being around a lot of germs on planes and in hotels, I try to make sure I get to the gym. I’m always for staying in shape. Its mind, body and physical health! And I eat right. I don’t eat stuff that makes you look old and ages you,” he offered.

Torry has toured with two different comedy shows over the last year. He’s performed dates with the “Royal Comedy Tour” alongside Sommore, Earthquake and Mark Curry. He’s also been doing concert dates with Earthquake, Tommy Davidson and Arnez J.

This month, Torry will shoot his own comedy special in Orlando, Florida. Keep up with his comedy schedule and learn more about his upcoming movie releases at www.MrJoeTorry.com.

“Zane’s The Jump Off” airs each Friday on Cinemax at 11pm ET.

Shot from Joe Torry’s sex scene on “Zane’s The Jump Off”

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  1. lilkunta 8 June, 2013 at 19:16 Reply

    i remember when zane & sex chronivles were big back in 02/3. Then she got divorced and fell off. Good that she is back, as I think she had 3 or 4 or 5 kids before she divorced. I didnt know she got this turned into a show. But it alone isnt worth the price of cinemax.

    Any hope for “Coldest Winter Ever” being a movie?

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