Family Business: Will Forever Jones Breakup For Solo Projects?

When family band Forever Jones was approached about doing a reality show, they entertained offers from several production companies who wanted to capture the story of the faith-based music family for television.

The family patriarch, Dewitt Jones Sr., said they ultimately decided to go with Bounce TV because of a unique partnership.

“When Bounce TV brought Walmart to the table, it was a deciding factor,” he explained during my conversation with the family in Maui, Hawaii.

His wife Kim Jones agreed. “It was a real deciding factor,” she added.

Forever Jones & Jawn Murray in Hawaii

Signed to Motown Gospel (previously EMI Gospel before a recent merger), Forever Jones was aware that Walmart is one of the few major retail chains that still sells a lot of CDs.

“That’s why we were excited when Walmart came to the table,” their son, Dewitt Jones Jr. chimed in.

Forever Jones received some crossover radio airplay and even a Grammy nomination for their first single, “He Wants It All.” On their self-titled reality series, the group gets some professional advice from two mainstream music stars, Tank and Carl Thomas.

“It was cool to be able to talk to them,” offered daughter, Dominique Jones. “Our producer knew them and set up the meeting while they were in town for a show.”

Despite their 2010 debut being highly successful and landing a huge hit single, their 2012 follow-up CD “Musical Revival” was mild in comparison.

Carl Thomas & Tank

The lackluster response to their sophomore offering has their record company, Motown Gospel pressuring the mother, Kim and daughter, Dominique to record solo CDs. The idea of temporarily breaking up the band to appease the record label or stick to the family mission is part of the conflict that plays out on the show.

“You’re going to definitely be very surprised,” Kim said about her decision. “Its going to be an interesting turn of events. You will see some conflict there.”

When asked whether either vocalist had been recording solo material, Dominique replied: “I’ve been in for other purposes, but not for our solo projects. We had to make a decision and you’ll see that on the show.”

It’s no secret that their father, Dewitt Sr. would really prefer for the family to remain together as one group. “I’m just excited about it,” he sarcastically quipped about their solo offers. “No, but that’s the one area that we have to deal with some changes. You have to watch the show to understand the twist.”

You can catch their family conflict unfold on “Forever Jones” on Bounce TV each Wednesdays at 9pm ET. To find out where Bounce TV airs in a market near you, go to www.BounceTV.com.

Forever Jones

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  1. Cecellia 12 June, 2013 at 16:42 Reply

    I was excited to hear about this reality show, but disappointed when I found out I would not be able to watch it because Bounce TV is not on in my area. I inquired about possibly watching episodes (after they air) on their site, but Bounce TV responded that it would not. This appears to be a show I would really enjoy.

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