Bishop Paul S. Morton: Addresses Allegations Of Alleged Daughter

Respected pastor and award-winning Gospel recording artist Bishop Paul S. Morton made headlines last week when the gossip blog Obnoxious TV posted a story with claims that the 62-year-old preacher had a secret daughter.

The infamous site makes accusations that Bishop Morton “did not claim” his alleged 39-year-old daughter, Ane’tra Hawkins for most of her life. The blog also accuses the Senior Pastor of Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta of denying the alleged daughter years ago because it would have compromised his plan then to become a pastor.

Obnoxious TV also posted several photos of Ane’tra and legal documents in an effort to support their report and her claims.

AlwaysAList.com has exclusively received a detailed account of the situation from Bishop Morton.

Ane’tra & Elaine Hawkins (photo from Obnoxious TV)

“While in my early 20’s, prior to pastoring and being married, I did have a very short-lived relationship with a Ms. Elaine Hawkins. A few months after the relationship, she informed me she was expecting a child,” Bishop Morton recalled to AlwaysAList.com.

Elaine had a daughter named Ane’tra and Bishop Morton did provide financial support for his alleged daughter for 18 years. This is something his wife, Dr. Debra B. Morton—who pastors Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans—and his three children, daughters, Jasmine Morton-Ross and Christiann Williams and son, PJ Morton, were aware of all along.

“I wish I could tell you that I did right all my life, but I can’t. I have made some major mistakes and this is one of them,” Bishop Morton said about having unwed sex as a young preacher.

Bishop Paul S. Morton & his wife, Dr. Debra Morton

As supported by the documents provided by Ane’tra to Obnoxious TV, when his alleged daughter turned 15-years-old, the financial demands from her mother increased so Bishop Morton had the courts institute a legal agreement to determine the financial commitment that he would be required to make until she turned 18.

When Ane’tra turned 18, “additional financial requests were made and threats of public exposure,” so Bishop Morton requested to legally establish paternity through a DNA test — something he had never requested before. Ane’tra’s mother Elaine denied his request to legally determine if the child he had taken care of for 18 years was actually his. As a result, Bishop Morton decided that “all contact and financial support” would end.

Ane’tra is now married with three children of her own. It is uncertain as to why she came come forward with these claims now; however reps for Bishop Morton suspect that it is financially motivated.

Bishop Paul S. Morton

“That was one major mistake that I made that I did correct. But people don’t mention the correction,” said Bishop Morton, before emphasizing: “People like mess!”

Bishop Morton believes that this entire ordeal was done to attack his integrity and credibility.

“I know what the devil is trying to do, he wants to take my influence,” he explained. “I know that I have been living a Godly life for God.”

Ane’tra’s mother Elaine is now deceased. Until the day she died, she did not want her daughter to complete the DNA test that was requested 21 years ago.

In addition to pastoring his own congregation, Bishop Morton co-founded the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International in 1992. Earlier this year he decided to step down as the presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.

VIDEO: Watch Bishop Morton address the manner with his church congregation.

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PHOTO: See the legal document Ane’tra Hawkins provided to Obnoxious TV from when she was 15-years-old.

Morton Hawkins Court Document (as featured on Obnoxious TV)


  1. Alta 4 August, 2013 at 23:36 Reply

    Shaking my head! As much as Bishop Morton knows the word of God, he’s failing this test miserably. It’s time for healing for him and this young lady. No matter what…HE’S got to do the right thing. She mentioned that she’s tried many times to reach out to him and he’s not responded to her. If there is a question of paternity, she’s a grown woman now and I’m sure she’d agree, even though she already knows the truth. But he’s got to be a bigger person than he’s being right now. This is not being handled well…AT ALL!!! To be continuously rejected is an awful feeling and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I’m praying for her strength during this time…

  2. frank james 7 September, 2013 at 14:40 Reply

    I think because the mother would not have a dna are reasons
    To think the mother and daughter are untrue about the allegations.

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