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Flight Fallout: Wale Put Off American Airlines Plane

Rap star Wale has major beef with American Airlines and has vowed never to fly the carrier again.

The Washington, DC-bred entertainer was put off a New York-bound American flight on Tuesday night after a flight attendant accused him of having his cell phone on.

Wale sounded off on Twitter following the incident and shared his version of the situation with his three million followers.

“Got put off the plane … For having my phone on .. American Airlines. Raleigh NC for the night,” he wrote via @Wale.


The hip-hop star said he wasn’t the only person kicked off that particular flight and called out the flight attendant that ordered him to be removed.

Lynette Russell was doin the absolute most tho.. She kicked off two people and requested I be kicked off for havin my phone on hr earlier,” his unedited message read. “Ain’t flyin @AmericanAir. Fulgazi. The pilot and I were havin a civil convo until the police showed up .THAT’S when he started yellin and gettin aggressive ..tough guy.”

Wale continued to dialogue with his Twitter followers about the crappy treatment he received from American.

American Airlines did offer to help via Twitter as well. They sent a message to Wale, “We’re sorry for your frustration. Please follow us and DM your flight info. Let us know how we can help you.”

The airline has not issued an official comment about the incident.

PHOTOS: See Wale’s Twitter messages below.

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