Weight Woes: Comedienne Vows To Stop Flying Until She Drops Pounds

Actress and comedienne Erica Watson has appeared in films like “Precious” and “Dirty Laundry.” She also tours in a one-woman show called “Fat Bitch!,” which deals with America’s obsession with weight and stereotypes of African-American women.

This week, Watson took to Facebook to lament about the challenges of flying as an overweight woman.

“I must lose weight,” she wrote. “The way people treat me on airlines, passengers and employees, is so rude and hurtful. I’m tired of it. On my way to LA right now and the woman sitting next to me just went nuts about having to sit next to me. Now I’m in tears and people are looking at me like I’m a criminal.”

The Chicago-bred funny woman was not laughing when she overheard the fellow passenger make an insulting comment about her.

“‘I didn’t pay to sit next to a big fat animal on a six-hour flight,’ Watson posted that the “Asian woman sitting next to me on the United flight” said about her. “I’m not flying anymore until I lose weight. It’s not worth the humiliation.”

Erica Watson

Watson, who also confessed that Southwest Airlines has banned her unless she “buys two seats,” was traveling to Los Angeles to tape a guest part on the TV One sitcom, “Love That Girl.” Two years ago, the show starring Tatyana Ali used a photo of Watson’s body as part of a fat joke on an episode. She was humiliated yet again.

“They felt bad and offered me an amazing role and I’m excited,” she shared. “God works in mysterious ways.”

But while her pain turned into a professional opportunity for Watson as it pertains to “Love That Girl,” the comedienne said the biggest challenge of overweight people is overcoming sadness.

“The biggest so-called health issue that most overweight people seem to suffer from most of the time is a broken heart,” she added. “My tears are temporary. I’ll be in good spirits soon.”

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