Star Style: TV Talent Star Jones Debuts QVC Clothing Line

TV host and attorney Star Jones has launched her first clothing line called Status By Star Jones exclusively for QVC.

The brand-new clothing line is a collection that “goes from day to evening for women of all shapes and sizes.”

The 51-year-old talent said that Status By Star Jones really is a dream come true.

“I, like most little girls, played dress up when I was a child. I grew up with my mother and her eight sisters, so there was never a shortage of high heels and pretty dresses to play in. I used to fantasize about the places I would go one day and the people I would meet. My career trajectory took me places I never dreamed of, but somehow achieved—lawyer, television personality, best-selling author, and women’s advocate. And now I finally get to play dress up again,” Jones said in a statement.

Status By Star Jones runs in sizes from a double-zero to a 28-wide. Jones, who has dealt with her weight challenges publicly, said creating a line that would fit all sizes well was very important.

“I always knew I’d end up designing clothes for women. I’m probably the only public personality who knows what it’s like to be a size 6 and a size 26 and have to look good all the time regardless of my size! I know how clothes should fit, how they should move, what embellishments they should have, and how they should make you feel. I want every woman to feel she has achieved ‘status’ when she steps out her door, and we know that often starts with the clothes she’s wearing,” she explained.

Jones, who is currently a featured contributor on NBC’s “Today,” said partnering with QVC for her fashion line was a perfect match.

“Working with QVC speaks to my passion for advocating for women. It allows me to design looks that go from day to evening for women of all shapes and sizes who simply want to look good and represent the status they have achieved in everything they do and everywhere they go,” she closed.

The former co-host of “The View” previously had a signature shoe line with Payless Shoes.

Status By Star Jones is available from QVC now.

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