Mathew Knowles: Music World Drama & “Sunday Best” Saga

Mathew Knowles’ Music World record label continues to quietly be a label in turmoil.

The once-thriving music empire, which now predominantly releases original gospel recordings and R&B compilations from its former label acts, has been on the market to be sold, despite Knowles’ previous denial to AlwaysAList.com.

Several major record executives confirmed again to us that representatives from their companies allegedly met with the 61-year-old label owner about potentially buying Music World, though no deals were made.

Knowles’ desires to allegedly unload Music World could be why he’s filed suit against one of his top-selling artists Brian Courtney Wilson as a preventative measure to attempt to keep him on his roster.

Brian Courtney Wilson

A source familiar with the situation told AlwaysAList.com that Wilson’s contract with Music World had ended and the singer had begun entertaining offers from other music labels. Apparently, Knowles was unaware that Wilson’s deal with his label had lapsed and apparently filed suit to complicate the singer’s ability to entertain offers from other recording companies.

A music executive familiar with the scenario told us that the suit was simply a “stall tactic” done to convince Wilson to resign with Music World. Apparently, Wilson’s selling history had added-value for Knowles as he allegedly met with potential label buyers.

Wilson, “Sunday Best” winners Le’Andria Johnson, Amber Bullock and Joshua Rodgers, “Sunday Best” runner-up Alexis Spight, and Trin-I-Tee 5:7—who were able to abruptly get out of their deal last year—are the only artists on the Music World roster who have sold any units in recent years.

Mathew Knowles

Unfortunately for Knowles, BET ended their agreement with his company earlier this year and he no longer has the “Sunday Best” account. Now, the winner and any finalist from the show that BET opts to sign will be released via Kirk Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul Entertainment/RCA Inspiration.

Without “Sunday Best” artists and with his current litigation with Wilson, the future of Music World remains in limbo.

AlwaysAList.com reached out to a rep for Wilson. They declined to comment on the story.

In a statement sent via email, Knowles replied: “Music World Gospel had it’s best year ever in 2012 ranked number 3 overall in market share. We hope continue this trend.”

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