Regina Hall: No Offers To Play A Stripper Again

It’s no secret that in Hollywood, it’s very easy for actors and actresses to be typecast to a particular role or character.

In the case of Regina Hall, who returns as Candy, the former stripper turned wife and mom in the sequel “Best Man Holiday;” Tinseltown has not asked her to do a lap dance or perform a seductive routine since the original “The Best Man” debuted in 1999.

“I’m offended that no one has asked me to play a stripper since,” Hall laughed, she talked to at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. “That’s what I’m most affected by! I thought I’d be typecast by now. No one has asked again, so clearly I’m not that impressive as one. I guess its well that it worked out this way.”

Regina Hall as Candy in “The Best Man”

The hilarious actress, who will also return in the sequel “Think Like a Man Too” next year, admitted that like her character in “Best Man Holiday,” she has taken some sexy photos and made some private videos.

“Of course I’ve done it,” she confessed.

The Washington, DC-bred actress said in the current climate in entertainment, if the pictures or videos surfaced they would probably do her some good.

“I could make some more money,” she laughed. “But clearly I’m doing something wrong because no one has ever released them. Mine are better imagined!”

To see how Candy’s viral video gone wrong saga plays out in “Best Man Holiday,” catch them film when it opens on November 15.

Regina Hall & Harold Perrineau in “Best Man Holiday”

VIDEO: Watch the official trailer for “Best Man Holiday.”

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