A-List Rides: Road Trip With 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE

It was a snowy Saturday afternoon and New York City was preparing to shut down. The night before I was dropped off the 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE and I couldn’t wait to load it up, get on the highway and get out of dodge.

I put my suitcases in the trunk, connected my iPod to the USB port, synced my cell phone to the Bluetooth system, and then put my destination in the navigation system so that I could get on the road. While my favorite playlist played in the car, I headed south on the New Jersey Turnpike in what would be a smooth, comfortable ride.

Despite the snow flurries and slick conditions, I felt safe in this four-door front wheel drive sedan because it had a solid, sturdy feel. A mid-size sedan, it has Toyota’s latest chassis engineering and sleek styling. It packed a punch with its 268-hp V6 engine, and was silent and smooth while driving. Changing lanes was easy and swift, and the car felt, as times, like it was gliding because of its easy drive.

There were lots of bells and whistles offered in the Camry. The tech features included a garage door opener, rear camera, touch screen navigation, HD and satellite radio, and the new Entune mobile app and services system.

There was also plenty of compartment and storage space for my snacks, cell phone and the other miscellaneous items I was bringing home after nearly five days of being on the road.

Because it is a hybrid, the Camry XLE boasts a range of nearly 600 miles, at 35 highway mpg. I think the exact miles offered were around 565 when I first started my trip and I never gassed up the entire way.

Spin Control: It has a price tag of nearly $26,000; the Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE is worth it for the gas miles alone. The bonuses hear are that you get an attractive, comfortable, powerful and quiet sedan to go with those extra dollars you’ll save on gas.

Industry Status: Grade B+

VIDEO: Take an inside look into the 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE.

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