A-List Rides: 2014 GMC Terrain

It’s always cool to be test driving a vehicle when one of my celebrity friends are in town. Driving them around in the vehicle allows me to play tour guide, showcasing features and functions of the cars I’ve got to experience prior to showing it to them.

When my friend, reality TV star Omarosa Manigault came to town, that’s exactly what I got to do with the 2014 GMC Terrain. She was so impressed with how General Motors has stepped up is design and execution of his mid-size SUVs.

Omarosa wasn’t the only one to enquire about the GMC Terrain either. People in parking lots at the grocery store, at the shopping mall while I was taking in the holiday sales and even at traffic lights kept asking me: “How do you like it?”

How did I like it? I liked it a lot!

The design of the Terrain was thoughtful and well appointed. The attention to detail like the compartment space being lighted to make finding the USB ports and power outlets easier, or the crash alert option built into the dash board – all of these features just let you know the design elements of this SUV was carefully considered.

The crossover SUV has excellent fuel economy. I spent most of my time driving the truck throughout the city and gas usage wasn’t extreme at all. (On paper it says you’ll get 20 City / 29 HWY)

The vehicle could comfortable fit five passengers, offering excellent second row leg room for back seat passengers.

Despite it being an SUV, the Terrain drives like a car–mainly because of its long wheelbase and wide tracks. But it handles well, with the aforementioned features reducing body roll for a stable, safe drive. Standard safety features include four-wheel anti-lock brakes, stability and traction control systems, six airbags, OnStar, tire pressure monitoring and a security system. There’s also a seven-inch touch screen navigation system.

The Terrain is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine with 301-hp. The all-aluminum engine is paired to a six-speed automatic transmission that helps to maximize efficiency.

Available features include forward collision alert, lane departure warning, rear park assist, power liftgate, remote vehicle start, InteliLink, and rear entertainment system with TV units and headphones.

Spin Control: GM continues to make great advancements in the design, function and comfort of its vehicles. The Terrain is no exception to that. At about $36,000 at the trim I tested, the Terrain is a solid investment on a vehicle you’ll get great miles out of.

Industry Status: Grade A

VIDEO: Take an inside look into the 2014 GMC Terrain.

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