Fraud Alert: Tyler Perry Blasts Scam Artists

Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry is fed up with people scamming his fans with bogus audition schemes and fake scholarship programs.

The 44-year-old self-contained talent took to his e-mail list to warn followers that scam artists were duping fans.

In the personal letter, the New Orleans native told fans that he feels that people behind these rackets are “some of the lowest” in his book.

Perry cautioned: “There are some scams going around the Internet asking people to pay money to have an audition for me. THAT IS NOT TRUE. You never have to pay for an audition. I, nor any professional company, will make you pay for an audition. DON’T GET SCAMMED.”

The filmmaker, TV show producer and playwright also told fans that he does not operate any form of a scholarship program.

Tyler Perry

“Do not let anyone tell you that I have a scholarship program that you have to pay to be a part of, ok? That’s NOT TRUE! I have put a lot of kids through college but it’s not something you can request or pay me for. They have been gifts, so don’t let these folks trick you,” he explained.

Perry reminded followers to “not give anyone any money in my name” because it’s always a scam. He said he hopes the imposters get caught.

Forbes lists Perry’s worth at an estimated $78 million.

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