Nelly Talks Chris Brown: Says The Singer Made “Mistakes As A Kid”

Rap superstar Nelly feels the public needs to put themselves in R&B singer Chris Brown’s shoes.

During an appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” host Andy Cohen asked the St. Louis-bred hip-hop star if he felt “Chris Brown gets a tough rap?”

Nelly, who called the trouble-prone singer his “little brother,” believes that people should recognize that many of Brown’s troubles have come because of his youth.

“I will say that he doesn’t get the benefit of being allowed to make mistakes as a kid,” explained Nelly. “You know what I’m saying? The mistakes he made, he made basically when he was a teenager. What we don’t understand is, how many mistakes have we made as teenagers that we would look back on and was like, ‘wow, we’re glad that mistake wasn’t in the spotlight and it wasn’t blown up because and we not ever able to live that mistake down.'”

When further probed about the possibility of reconciliation between Brown and his ex-girlfriend pop singer, Rihanna – who he was involved in a domestic assault incident in 2009 – Nelly replied: “I don’t know.  But if you find out, holla at me!”

Brown is currently featured on Nelly’s latest single, ‘Marry Go Round’ from The St. Lunatic’s forthcoming CD, “M.O.”

Chris Brown & Nelly

LISTEN: Check out Nelly’s new single “Marry Go Round” featuring Chris Brown.

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