Colin Farrell: “A Winter’s Tale” Star Talks Love & Valentine’s Day

Colin Farrell stars in “A Winter’s Tale,” a fantastical romantic epic featuring doomed love.

In this film adaptation of Mark Halprin’s 1983 novel, Farrell plays Peter Lake, a seemingly immortal man-angel battling the demon that is Pearly Soames (played by Russell Crowe).

If you’re looking for an emotional love story, one full of action, suspense and some whimsical offerings—it’s a film you’ll love during Valentine’s Day weekend.

In “A Winter’s Tale,” Farrell’s character definitely believes in love and risks everything to see love through.

Surprisingly, in real life this 37-year-old admits that he too is a sucker for love.

Eva Marie Saint & Colin Farrell

“We possibly underrate the importance of [love], how its prevalence in a single person’s life and the life of a shared community can make incredible changes and promote the idea of peace and harmony within a society or within a person’s individual existence,” offered Farrell, during an interview with about “A Winter’s Tale.”

While the Irish-bred actor acknowledges the need for love in his life, he’s not quite sure about the hoopla surrounding Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with flowers and chocolate-covered maraschino cherries,” he explained, while discussing the film at New York’s Crosby Street Hotel. “Would it be nice if it didn’t take such a publicly promoted or commercially promoted holiday for people to extend themselves a gesture of love? But yeah, I think love is really what makes it all spin, you know?”

Though most actors loathe on-screen love scenes and talk about how awkward they are to shoot, Farrell admits he actually quite enjoys them.

“Maybe it’s awfully sleazy of me but I do think that human touch in whatever form it comes in as long as that form is one that is mutually compassionate and respectful, is a really gorgeous thing. So what it is an atmosphere of absolute artifice and it’s not romantic and it’s never going to be sexy if two people who are involved in it are on the same page, taking care of each other, there are worse days in the office,” he shared.

In addition to Farrell and Crowe, “A Winter’s Tale” stars Jessica Brown Findlay, William Hurt, Beverly Penn, Eva Marie Saint, Kevin Corrigan, Kevin Durand, Matt Bomer, Lucy Griffiths, Graham Greene and features a never-saw-it coming cameo by Will Smith.

The movie opens on Friday, Feb. 14.

Jessica Brown Findlay, Akiva Goldsman & Colin Farrell

VIDEO: Watch the trailer for “A Winter’s Tale” below.

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