Jesus Walks: Rapper Common Talks Putting Faith First

He’s an Oscar-winning music artist and a Hollywood actor, but rapper Common told that without his faith, none of the accolades would mean anything.

“I think that’s the foundation for me. That’s how I am able to exist in the industry,” he told us, during an interview at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City.

The late Maya Angelou & Common

“You have to bring who you are and what you are and your spirituality and the things that you believe in have to exceed and go beyond anything that you do,” he continued. “Any work that you do and accolades that you get, you have to know that God is more important and family and love that you have for others. I just put that first and wake up in the morning like this is who I am. That allows me to function more in the music industry and the Hollywood world.”

The 43-year-old hip-hop veteran said when he’s home in Chicago, there’s no place like his church home, Trinity United Church.

“When I’m in Chicago and its Sunday, I’m going to Trinity for sure. That’s the church I grew up in since I was 8-years-old. I definitely stop and go to church. If there’s a church in another city that I am aware of I might go there, too. I found a church in L.A.that I like going to on and off, but I need that sometimes,” he shared. In California, Common attends One Church Los Angeles.

Common, who recorded a song called ‘Geto Heaven’ with Macy Gray, said the fellowship with other Christians inspires him and is part of the reason why being in church in a priority for him.

“It’s the whole communion with people and knowing that we’re all focused on God and doing some good for ourselves. It really becomes a community thing, too, so I love going to church and Trinity in particular,” he said.


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VIDEO: Watch Common freestyle rap during this church service at Trinity United Church in Chicago.


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