Chris Brown: Restricted Showers & Solitary Confinement During Jail Sentence

Chris Brown was arrested on Friday after being kicked out of second rehab facility.

On Monday, a judge ordered brown to be remanded to jail until April 23. The 24-year-old has to be incarcerated until after his assault case in Washington, DC is resolved.

In the court proceedings, where Brown attended wearing his orange jumpsuit, the judge spoke about the violations that had the Tappahannock, Virginia revoked from the rehabilitation center.

The judge spoke about Brown’s “inability to stay out of trouble,” and went on to discuss a comment the singer made during a group session where he said: “I am good at using guns and knives.”

Chris Brown

Apparently, Brown was also ordered to stay two feet away from all females and was caught touching the arms and elbows of several women at the center.  Additionally he refused to take a random drug test, though he eventually conceded and took the test.

TMZ is reporting that the ‘No Air’ singer will only be allowed to shower every two days while in jail.

The entertainer does not have a cellmate as he is in solitary confinement while in jail for 23 hours a day.

He will be allowed to work outside of his cell and can read books while locked up.

Depending on the verdict in Brown’s DC assault case, he could face probation violation from his 2009 domestic violence incident with Rihanna and be sent to prison for upwards of four years. appeared on HLN’s “Jane Velez-Mitchell” on Monday to discuss the latest on Brown. See the clip below.

VIDEO: Jawn Murray talks Chris Brown on HLN.

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