Full Disclosure: “R&B Divas” Star Lil’ Mo Talks Recent Divorce, Threesomes & Abortion

R&B Divas LA” star Lil’ Mo (real name Cynthia Loving Bryant) is going through a divorce from her second husband, aspiring gospel artist Phillip Bryant.

The pint-sized singer admitted during a radio interview with The Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105.1 that she realized her marriage to Bryant was over in May 2013, but stayed with him because “R&B Divas LA” was set to debut on TV One in July 2013.

“My situation had been dead since like last May,” she confessed. “Even though the show aired in July, on May 5 I had to get an abortion because I was pregnant again. He kept trying to keep me pregnant and doing dumb stuff to lock me in.”

Lil’ Mo

Lil’ Mo said that her fourth son, Jonah Maddox was less than a year old when she became pregnant for a fifth time. Having had a C-section with that birth, she still had a lot of scar tissue and for health reasons, she opted to terminate the pregnancy.

“They was like, ‘you’ll die!'” she exclaimed.

When asked what caused their relationship to end, Lil’ Mo said the couple was participating in a threesome with another woman and her instincts told her that was not the first time her husband had slept with that particular woman.

“You know when someone is rocking with someone cause you can feel the chemistry. One thing I think that God gives women is intuition,” she explained. “So it was like one time we were having a threesome and I was like, I think he really rock with this broad.”

Phillip Bryant & Lil Mo during happier times

The Baltimore-based preacher’s daughter said it was the physical nature in which the other woman responded to her husband that assured her that the two had previous sexual relations.

“You know when you get new smash, you know you like hunch up,” she demonstrated. “She didn’t move a certain way. When you don’t move, that means you’ve had it before. That’s when I knew and I said, ‘I’m out of here.'”

She admitted that she only participated in threesomes because it was her husband’s desire and she would never do that again in another relationship.

The vocal powerhouse is now dating a 28-year-old professional boxer named Karl Dargan. The two quietly began dating last November, two months before she officially filed divorce papers from her husband.

Karl Dargan & Lil’ Mo

She said her husband sent her a text message accusing her of cheating and she confessed. The ‘Superwoman’ singer said since he had already cheated, she decided to as well.

She has a song on her upcoming mixtape, “No S—t Sherlock” that addresses the matter. A line in the song goes: “Don’t be mad that a young boy cupped your wife. It only took one time and I ain’t think twice.”

Lil’ Mo and her husband’s divorce is not finalized. The couple has two sons, Jonah Maddox, 1, and Justin McKenzie, 5. She also has two daughters – Heaven Love’on Stone, 11, and God’Iss Love Stone, 9 – from her previous marriage with Al Stone.

Despite having a challenging relationship her first husband that she discussed on the debut season of “R&B Divas LA,” Lil’ Mo said they have worked out their differences and have a great friendship again.

Lil’ Mo on The Breakfast Club

VIDEO: Watch Lil’ Mo on NYC’s The Breakfast Club.

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