June Rochelle: Singer Wants Payola In Gospel Music To End

June Rochelle is a mother, entrepreneur, television producer and a gospel recording artist. A woman who wears many hats, Rochelle’s expression of faith through music is one of the most important aspects of who she is!

“My music is important in this time in America because there are so many acts of contention among people,” she told AlwaysAList.com. “Whether it is in the political arena, the education system, the music industry or in cities and towns, the world and those in it need to be reminded of the fact that we all need love. No matter how bad things get or seem, there will always be love somewhere in someone’s heart that can be a blessing to many.

June Rochelle

With a mission to inspire, encourage and motivate, Rochelle is gearing up to release the follow-up to her 2006 CD, “Changing Places,” later this year. The forthcoming album’s first single, ‘Love Is Here To Stay,’ captures the essence of the message she wants people to get.

“I hope listeners take away that there is hope. There is hope for a brighter tomorrow, hope for better relationships, hope for wrongs to be made right, hope for love again, and hope of overcoming obstacles all through the power of love,” she expressed.

The Indianapolis, Indiana-bred singer has a genuine desire to reach people through her music; however she’s found navigating the political aspects of the gospel music industry to be troubling.

“It is all about money! It seems that gone are the days of living right and doing right along with being a talented artist. It would also be nice if radio would open up to new artists such as myself without payola and allow the good music and good voices of those without $250,000 budgets to grace the airwaves. As long as the gospel industry parallels itself in operating as the secular industry, lives will never be changed rather people just entertained,” she offered.

June Rochelle

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The singer admitted that she’s also frustrated with the same few gospel artists receiving opportunities in the business. She believes there’s a wealth of talent in the industry who could blossom if just given an opportunity.

“I would like to see the ‘us four and no more mentality’ done away with,” she emphasized. “Such as the same gospel artists headlining shows, year after year. The gospel industry, in my opinion, has become boring and redundant.”

In the meantime, Rochelle plans to continue recording music that she hopes helps people and will work to make an impact in a business with so many roadblocks.

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