Godzilla: Back & Better Than Before

He’s big, he’s bold and he’s back—Godzilla returns in fine form in this new installment of the monster movie helmed by director Gareth Edwards.

In this latest iteration of the 60-year-old franchise, the iconic Godzilla destroys most of San Francisco and a lot of Las Vegas. The visual destruction of these cities is worth a night at the movies alone.

Since Godzilla is always working towards the greater good, so him pulverizing landmarks and him turning skyscrapers into parking lots is for all of our safety.

But it’s not all thrashing and action in this new “Godzilla” film. Edwards engages viewers with a melodramatic family dynamic that is the perfect set-up for the monsters to appear.

Bryan Cranston & Aaron Taylor-Johnson in “Godzilla”

“I probably blame it on growing up with movies like the old Spielberg that for me that was the holy grail of filmmaking. You follow these characters that seem relatable and everyday folk that get put in these extreme situations from the events that happen in the movie. So I was inspired to do something more akin to that,” he told, during our interview at the Essex House Hotel in New York City.

The “Godzilla” storyline centers on Joe Ford (Bryan Cranston) and Brody Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Once you understand their personal obstacles and Papa Ford’s mission to prove there’s something being hidden in the radiation quarantine zone that still surrounds the devastated nuclear plant that killed his wife 15 years prior.

His instincts were accurate, but folks listened too late and thus began an adventure that caused Godzilla to get involved.

Capturing the story arc of the Ford family was what Taylor-Johnson enjoyed shooting most on “Godzilla.”

“My favorite stuff to work on was the journey my character was on. A lot got condensed down, but to even go on that journey and to be thinking on that way and to film as much as we did was a real luxury to have,” he shared.

It’s not man versus monster in this film. Godzilla gets to battle the radiation-thriving MUTOS (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms) in what many will believe is an epic monster battle!

Actress Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Ford’s wife Elle in the film, said it was Edwards unconventional approach to tell this story that has people responding the way they are.

“I think Gareth really wanted to go against most stereotypes for these kinds of movies,” she expressed.

In addition to not having to play the expected pitiful female in the end of the world epic, Olsen said she also enjoyed having to act opposite technology and pretend things were happening that really were not.

“I think that was really exciting about the idea of doing a project like this is the using your imagination from being a child in the playground playing and all that stuff. That’s kind of how it felt. Allowing your imagination to do that is really fun. It is surprising technical,” Olsen explained.

“Godzilla also stars Ken Watanabe, Richard T. Jones and Sally Hawkins.

You can see this reprise of “Godzilla” when this 3D version of the movie hits theaters on May 16.

Elizabeth Olsen in “Godzilla”

VIDEO: Watch the official trailer for “Godzilla.”

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