Drea Divorced: Star Of “Hollywood Exes” Marriage Cut Short

“Hollywood Exes” star Andrea Kelly is officially a two-time divorce.

The VH1 reality star who was previously married to R&B veteran R. Kelly married a barber/aspiring actor named Brian McKee on March 6.

Two months after jumping the broom, the couple has already divorced.

Apparently, Kelly discovered her new husband had been maintaining a relationship with a woman from his past. McKee’s ex, Jaylynn Umbleby reached out to the 39-year-old choreographer via social media and began sharing messages that were sent to her by him.

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Brian McKee

In the messages obtained by Sister2Sister, McKee was soliciting money from Umbleby.

“I just got 3000 a month in bills with no job, car pmnt, student loans etc cell…i need help yesterday! !!! Need a couple western union a couple grand today!!! But we can do monthly on going or weekly…” – McKee said via text.

Kelly was happy that Umbleby shared the correspondences with her and took to social media to thank her.

“I read you’re email and I want the world to know I FORGIVE YOU! And you stepped up like a WOMEN,” she wrote. “I’M PROUD OF YOU!”

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Andrea Kelly

On season three of “Hollywood Exes,” currently airing on VH1, viewers see the dancer gearing up for her wedding with McKee.

In interviews describing their relationship prior to learning about his ongoing relationship with his ex, Kelly said she loved him because he pushes her to be better.

“There’s a lot of men who say they love God, but a man who fears God, his soul is going to tremble at the thought, ‘this is someone who is my wife,’ and ‘do right by her.’ A man who fears God, his very first thought is, ‘What am I doing to please God that then is going to please her?’ That’s what I got, I struck gold,” she told HelloBeautiful.

VIDEO: Watch this scene from “Hollywood Exes” when Drea announces her engagement to her friends.

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