Laughing Matter: Columbus Short Has Jokes About Career

Troubled “Scandal” star Columbus Short is trying to venture into a new area of entertainment.

He already announced his desires to focus on music and released his debut single, ‘Gave Ya,’ but now the 31-year-old actor is trying his hand in stand-up comedy.

Short was interviewed outside the comedy club Flappers in Burbank, Calif. by TMZ and told the camera man that he was “working on my stand-up.”

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Columbus Short

The actor, who has also appeared in films like “Stomp The Yard,” “This Christmas,” “The Losers” and “Cadillac Records,” also joked about recently being fired from Shonda Rhimes hit ABC drama.

“I started from the bottom, now we here…back at the bottom,” he laughed.

When asked how the network fired him, Short shot back: “They sent me a SnapChat with a message. It disappeared real fast. Nah. They fired me like ‘Back To The Future’ part two. They sent me a fax: ‘You’re fired.'”

UPDATED: A rep for Short told that he’s actually not planning to be a comedian, but his comments to TMZ “was him trying to be funny.” She explained TMZ took his attempt at humor literally, but Short will not be doing stand-up comedy.

In other Short news, the judge has extended his wife, Tanee McCall’s temporary restraining order while he considering her attorney’s request to make the order a permanent one. McCall has accused the Kansas City, Missouri-bred talent of violating the restraining order six times.

Columbus Short

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