Michael Baisden: Sued For $1 Million By Former Radio Bosses

Radio personality Michael Baisden is being sued by Cumulus Media Networks, the company who syndicated his now defunct afternoon radio program, “The Michael Baisden Show.”

Cumulus Media Networks has filed a $1 million judgment against Baisden at the U.S. District Court in Dallas for overpayment.  The radio company claims that the 50-year-old talent received 15 payments of $66,666.67 in an accounting error after his contract with the company had been dissolved.

In court documents, Culumus charges: “This accounting error caused BE [Baisden Enterprises] to receive an additional $66,666.67 for each of the fifteen (15) payments – an overpayment of approximately $1,000,000 – money that BE was not entitled to receive under either the Agreement or its Amendments.”

Cumulus further claims that Baisden never alerted them that the payments continued and proceeded to bank the money regardless.  The documents also insist Baisden “steadfastly refused to return the overpaid amounts,” and allowing him to keep the overpayment would be a “gross inequity and would be unconscionable.”

Michael Baisden

Baisden’s syndicated radio show ended after 10 years when he could not come to terms on a new deal with Cumulus. chronicled the tumultuous end to the program in March 2013.

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The Chicago-bred talent, who rose to stardom penning books like “Never Satisfied How & Why Men Cheat,” “Men Cry In The Dark” and “God’s Gift to Women,” became a huge radio star with his afternoon drive show was heard at its peek in upwards of 50-plus radio markets.

The success of his radio show landed him a series on TV One called “Baisden After Dark,” which was Baisden’s second attempt at television. Baisden also hosted a short-lived daytime talk show called “Talk or Walk” for Tribune Entertainment in 2001.

Baisden has expressed interest in returning to radio, however it has not happened.  His former co-host George Willborn joined the syndicated “Doug Banks Show” just one month after Baisden’s radio show was canceled.

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