Wess Morgan: Shocks Ex-Wife & Kids By Revealing Secret Marriage Online

Gospel singer Wess Morgan not only shocked fans when he announced that he had remarried earlier this year and was expecting a child with his new wife, Danielle Walker, but apparently it was a surprise to his ex-wife and his children as well.

Earlier this month, the ‘He Paid It All’ singer disclosed on Facebook and Instagram that he had quietly got married back in January and that he and his new wife were expecting a new baby.

His unedited post read: “As it relates to making choices in my life, I have always been transparent, and will continue to do so. As most of you already know, I did go through a very painful divorce after 18+ years of marriage and chose to do so after many years of prayerful consideration as well as seeking spiritual guidance relative to biblical rights. I am thrilled to announce that I have been happily remarried since January 2014 and my wife is now 3 months pregnant. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. God has ALWAYS proven to be faithful and He will see you and myself through ANY circumstance!”

Wess Morgan

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Wess’ former wife Betsy Morgan, whom the 40-year-old vocalist met while they attended Bible college, took to Facebook to challenge just how “transparent” the singer was actually being with his big reveal.

Her unedited reply read: “As many of you know I went through a painful divorce. I stayed through his drug addiction. Two another children during our marriage. By two different women. Was I a perfect wife… absolutely not. Did I make mistakes…. of course. Are there things I wish I could do over… yes! I will say that I loved that man like crazy! I would have never left. I stood by his side through it all. So when I get a call last night that he’s remarried and has a baby on the way. Did it mess with me… of course. I don’t understand who gets married and doesn’t tell their children? I don’t understand why he’s transparent after the fact. I don’t understand if this is such a joyous occasion why did you hide it from your children? Why was it kept from your congregation? Why was it necessary to blindside my children?”

Wess, who is also the pastor of the Celebration of Life Church in Hendersonville, Tenn., has been open about his addiction to cocaine in the past.

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The Mississippi-bred singer/preacher posted a follow-up message on his Facebook page stating that he would use all of his life challenges for the purpose of ministry.

“Oft times in life we are dealt challenges, some we brought upon ourselves and some we didn’t bargain for. However, the method that manages the dynamics of life will always trump any madness by turning it into ministry; “this is my commitment in life!!” I love all who support me, believe in me and will continue to stand with me,” he wrote in a second post.

The breakup of Wess and Betsy has been rumored to be messy for a some time now, with rumblings her working on some form of a tell-all book and/or being interested in participating in a reality show to tell her story.

Wess has publicly stated that he chose not to reveal his new marriage to his ex-wife because of the bitter nature of their divorce.

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