Apollo Nida: Sentenced In Fraud Case

Apollo Nida, husband of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks, is headed to prison for eight years.

The 35-year-old reality TV star faced 30 years in prison for his extensive four-year scheme that involved bank, mail and wire fraud, identity theft, and laundering more than $2.3 million in fake bank accounts.

Judge Charles Pannell said in the Georgia court where Nida received his sentence that he gave slightly above the 92 months in federal prison because his white collar crime has a high rate of recidivism.

Apollo Nida & Phaedra Parks

“Today’s sentencing exemplifies impartial justice regardless of economic class or perceived celebrity status.  Nida’s sentence should be an eye opener for other like-minded criminals who scheme to steal victims’ identities, defraud them and ignore the consequences of their actions,” said Reginald G. Moore, Special Agent in Charge of the United States Secret Service, Atlanta Field Office, in a press release.

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During his May sentencing, Nida took responsibility for his actions but blamed his criminal activity because he felt pressure to make money to keep up his wife’s high-profile attorney income and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” salary. Parks was not involved in or ever questioned about Nida’s criminal activity.

Nida’s attorney Thomas Bever recommended that he be placed close to Atlanta for the benefit of his family.  He has two sons with Parks, Ayden and Dylan.

Apollo Nida

Bever said after the hearing that Nida could potentially get out more than a year early for good behavior and sent to a halfway house.

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Bever attempted to get Nida’s sentence reduced due to his poor upbringing but Pannell felt that was not a big enough factor given the fitness trainer’s age.

Nida’s half-brother Michael Derrick and his mom Katrina Toohey testified on his behalf and spoke about his rough upbringing. His mom revealed in a tearful speech that she was not a good mother and was addicted to cocaine. It still didn’t have an impact on the judge’s decision.

No word on when Nida will actually begin his sentence.

Apollo Nida, son Ayden & Phaedra Parks

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