Miss D: Said She’s Filling The Void For Absent Black Leaders On “Bring It!”

Fans of Lifetime’s “Bring It!” get to see more of Dianna “Miss D” Williams and her award-winning Dancing Dolls troupe preparing for competitions and pushing themselves to the limit when the show returns later this month.

The popular reality series that focuses on Miss D’s Jackson, Mississippi-based dance collective is more about winning 15 Grand Champion titles and more than 100 trophies according to Miss D, it’s more about giving the girls life skills.

“I teach my girls not only how to dance, but they learn life lessons.  Throughout the whole experience with the show, the girls have learned different things about themselves and things about each other,” Miss D told during an interview at the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

The young ladies, who range in ages from seven to 17, also quickly learn how to face life obstacles Miss D pointed out—something that the highs and lows of being in a competitive industry like dance shows them firsthand.

Dianna “Miss D” Williams

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“They’ve learned things about challenges and how to deal with those challenges. They’ve learned how to deal with hurt and how to deal with failure. How to accept a win and a loss and to lose with grace,” she emphasized.

Miss D believes “Bring It!” offers an alternative to the stereotypical reality series that depict negative images of African-American women. The dance coach said there are few African-American leaders available to offer positive images to her girls and that’s a role she’s stepped up to fulfill.

“It’s important to me to have an impact on my girls because there are not very many African-American leaders out there—Black women or Black men,” she expressed.  “For me to be having the opportunity to impact somebody else’s life is really important! There are not a lot of opportunities for our kids. Not anymore! Not like they used to be when I was growing up. I am a 70’s baby.  With our girls being in this new generation stage, their minds are focused on so many other things and to just to have an impact on that, it’s amazing to me.”

“Bring It!,” produced by Pilgrim Studios, returns on July 23 at 9pm ET on Lifetime.

Dianna “Miss D” Williams & the Dancing Dolls

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