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Maxed Out: Former En Vogue Singer Going Solo

Original En Vogue member Maxine Jones is going solo. The 52-year-old singer will release her debut single, ‘Didn’t I’ produced by NRG Soundz on May 15. This is Jones’ first offering following her 2012 exit from En Vogue. The tumultuous ...

Namesake: Verdict Rendered In En Vogue Lawsuit

En Vogue’s music career has as much drama going on these days as most of the reality shows on television. Now only two of the original four members can legally call themselves En Vogue. The other two are not allowed ...

Funky Divas: Things Get Nasty With En Vogue Split

Looks like the drama just won’t end for En Vogue. AlwaysAList.com¬†originally reported on July 28, 2012 that the 90’s R&B quartet had broken up yet again. ¬†Original members Maxine Jones and Dawn Robinson announced they were looking for two new ...