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Tamron Hall: Is MSNBC Anchor Headed To CNN?

In the latest installment of the media version of musical chairs, the NY Post is reporting that CNN’s new president, Jeff Zucker is looking to poach MSNBC’s Tamron Hall as a part of his network revamp. The 42-year-old news anchor ...

Soledad O’Brien: Confirms End To Her CNN Morning Show

Popular CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien has confirmed speculation that her morning show “Starting Point” is definitely ending. During an appearance on Thursday’s “Wendy Williams Show,” O’Brien was asked by Williams at the beginning of the Hot Talk segment whether she ...

Soledad O’Brien: Morning Show Nixed In CNN Revamp?

Just days after former NBC honcho Jeff Zucker has taken over as president of CNN, major plans to overhaul the news network are already being made. One of the first announcements to come out this week is new that Soledad ...