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Free At Last: Chris Brown Out Of Jail

R&B star Chris Brown is finally a free man. The 25-year-old entertainer was released from Los Angeles County Jail at 12:01a.m. on Monday confirmed the L.A. County Sheriff’s office. Brown had been in custody since mid-March for violating his probation ...

Chris Brown: Restricted Showers & Solitary Confinement During Jail Sentence

Chris Brown was arrested on Friday after being kicked out of second rehab facility. On Monday, a judge ordered brown to be remanded to jail until April 23. The 24-year-old has to be incarcerated until after his assault case in ...

Chris Brown: Jailed After Being Thrown Out Of Rehab

R&B star Chris Brown is headed to jail for being expelled from the rehabilitation facility that he was ordered by the court to stay in. Brown being booted from the rehab center has him in violation the judge’s order, and ...