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Counter Ban: 19 News Organizations Retaliate Against Beyoncé

Beyoncé has really upset professional photographers. The entertainer decided not to grant photographers access to her “Mrs. Carter Show” tour after being upset with some performance images that were taken following her half-time show at the Super Bowl. The Houston-bred ...

Beyoncé: Personal Apology To Fans

Beyoncé has apologized to fans in Antwerp, Belgium for having to cancel a concert date due to doctor’s orders. The pop sensation is currently on her “Mrs. Carter Show” tour but had to cancel a tour date on Tuesday at ...

Beyoncé: Singer Releases New Music

Beyoncé is back with new music. The pop superstar has released the first two songs from her upcoming solo CD. The 31-year-old superstar unveiled a gritty, profanity-laced hip-hop track called ‘Bow Down’ on her SoundCloud page. Produced by Hit-Boy, the ...