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Ring Rage: Professional Wrestler Arrested For Alleged Murder

On the heels of a movie being developed about the late wrestler Chris Benoit, a former World Heavyweight champion who murdered his wife and son at the family’s home in Atlanta before committing suicide in June 2007, former professional wrestler ...

Percy Watson: Talks Release From WWE

In May, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) cut seven of its development wrestlers currently working for its “NXT” brand. One of the budding superstars released from his contract was Percy Watson (real name: Nick McNeil), a 31-year-old former NFL star who ...

Finishing Move: Is Wrestler JTG Ready To Leave WWE?

It’s never a good sign when you bash your employer on social media, especially when you’re still employed by that company and you post your messages during their live TV broadcast. On Monday night, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler JTG, ...