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Rhythm Ride: Toyota’s Evolution Of The Avalon

It’s Toyota’s flagship sedan and it’s been reworked! Though the 2013 Avalon craftsmanship and styling has been completely revamped, just like its new campaign suggests: “only the name remains.” To highlight the contributions that African-Americans played in the evolution of ...

A-List Rides: Hollywood Style In Toyota Prius

I was so excited about getting the 2012 Toyota Prius Three because I just knew I was going to be able to ride in the Washington, DC area HOV lanes. Unfortunately, I learned that I had to have a vehicle ...

A-List Rides: Classic Cruisin In Toyota’s Camry

Toyota makes good cars! That’s not a secret. Just recently, I attended a corporate dinner unrelated to the automobile industry and as I sat around with a group of entertainment industry executives, all of them shared stories about recently shopping ...