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Reduced Season: “Scandal” Gets Fewer Episodes

ABC has reduced the number of episodes of “Scandal” this season from its originally planned order. The Shonda Rhimes-produced drama will only get 18 episodes instead of the originally planned 22. While ABC wouldn’t disclose a reason for its decision, ...

Renewed: “Scandal” Gets Third Season

Good news for fans of ABC’s hit drama “Scandal.” The Shonda Rhimes-produced series has been renewed for a third season by ABC. The show, which stars Kerry Washington as Washington, DC public relations guru Olivia Pope, averaged about 7.4 million ...

What The Huck: “Scandal” Under Attack

It’s the must-see primetime drama on television and now it’s under attack by the Parents Television Council. The PTC has berated ABC for the torture scenes in last week’s episode of “Scandal” that the group believes confirms how broken the ...